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Your Data is Yours

So lets say you pick a website to help you track your progress and achieve your fitness goals but the site closes down – what happens to all the data you’ve entered? What if you choose to use a different site? What if you simply decide to use a spreadsheet instead?

All too often, on fitness websites and in the wider world, the data you enter is locked up on that site. You can access it through the site but its difficult to extract all the data you entered – you can’t simply export it. I’d suggest that in that case the data is no longer yours. You’re locked in and its difficult to get out without consequence, lost data.

A core principle of ActivateYourGlutes is that your data is yours and you should be able to get access to it in its entirety so that you can use it however you like. To that end you’ll find that the site contains a number of “Export Your Data” links that will let you do just that – download a file containing all the data you’ve entered.

Its not glamorous, its not exciting but it is important and something many websites neglect.

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