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A useful tool when building a website, or any other piece of software, is the wireframe mock up: quick and simple sketches of how the website will be structured. They can help you figure out your sites structure and get a handle on how the user will work with your site and you can show them to people without the risk of them thinking you’ve got a finished product, which is always a danger when showing people a “buffed up” design.

Below are three wireframes from the Activate Your Glutes website showing the homepage, a graphical summary of body measurements and the body measurements themselves. Things have shifted around a little during production but this gives you a flavour of what is coming.

Homepage Body Summary Body Data

I like to use a tool called Balsamiq Mockups to do my wireframes – its not as quick to use as a pad of paper but if, like me, you have the drawing skills of a mongoose then its an awesome next best thing and handily works on both the Mac and PC – the two platforms I use.

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