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Measuring Body Fat

I mentioned my body fat measurement in my last post.

Originally I was using the electric impedance scales in the gym but the, oft reported, problem with these is the inconsistency. The results change from day to day on a scale that can’t correlate with actual fat loss or fat gain. I wasn’t originally measuring day to day (thats too frequent) but after seeing significant and difficult to understand large week to week changes I moved to day to day to help me confirm that the results were too inaccurate to be useful. They were.

Since then I’ve given the Accumeasure calipers a go which I first came across at Answer Fitness.

I’ve been using them for about 3 weeks now and so far, most importantly, they give me consistent measurements – a steady measurement for the first 2 weeks of use and a slight increase over the Christmas break which correlates with my slight weight gain over that week.

Using their measurement charts I think they’re telling me I have less body fat than I actually have, looking at comparative pictures I’d estimate I’m at 17% rather than 15% body fat, but to me consistency combined with the mirror test is sufficient for my needs.

I’m coupling this with photos for the next couple of months and hopefully this will help me see the results of my efforts. I’m toying with the idea of posting the images to this blog – but I’m not sure you’re ready to see the Wookie.

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