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Kit Review: Endura Air Defence Jacket

I don’t own a car and make all my regular daily journeys (work, shops, gym) on a pushbike so its important to me to have a reliable jacket that can cope with the full range of UK weather (rain, drizzle, gloom, wind, more rain, spot of sunshine – blink and you’ll miss it, and then more rain now with added gusting wind).

Much to my delight I was given an Endura Air Defence Jacket for Christmas. Lucky me!

I’ve been wearing it every day for just short of a month now through one of the coldest winters in the UK for years and, frankly, this jacket has blown me away. I’ve mostly been wearing it with a t-shirt or gym top as a base layer with just the jacket on top and even in temperatures as low as -4 centigrade I’ve been comfortable and warm while moving. Equally impressive as things have warmed up, cue sweat, I’ve found the jacket to be breathable and I’ve stayed dry and comfortable.

The secret to the jackets success seems to be its soft outer shell. This feels almost rubberised to the touch and keeps out all wind while still letting your body breathe. I’ve been caught out in a few showers and the jacket has kept me completely dry. That said if I thought it was going to rain heavily I’d still wear a more heavy duty waterproof.

Within the shell is a thin fleece layer for insulation. There are side vents for ventilation which you can unzip if you find yourself getting too hot – though its still winter here so these are still unused on my jacket.

Sleeves are long enough to cover you fully even if you have to stretch on your bike and there is a rear pocket and a mesh type pocket and also a small pocket for your phone or keys.

Without a doubt this is the best jacket I’ve worn for Winter cycling and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Woooo! My first kit review! I’m not sure how regular these reviews will be but I’ve got a Polar RS100 heart rate monitor on the way and am just starting out with a new pair of trainers for my cardio so at least two more!

Full disclosure: This jacket was purchased for me as a gift by my family, neither myself, or any of my family and friends, have got connections with Endura, and no animals were harmed during the writing of this review.

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