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How Not To Sell in the Gym

I don’t want this blog to become a series of angry rants however last night I witnessed a prime example of how not to sell something in the gym.

Every 6 months or so my gym has a local chiropractor come in. Him and his assistants set up a stand in the soft mat area along with some crazy “alignment checking” tool (which I suspect is more about grabbing attention than anything practical). Which is all fine and dandy. Except when they start interrupting peoples work outs to offer a posture check.

Mid ab session I was approached by a sales lady who, while polite, stopped me in the middle of my workout and then wouldn’t go away. She’d lost any potential sale the minute she interrupted me and killed it 30 seconds later when she was still talking.

Seriously, if you’re selling something in the gym don’t interrupt peoples workouts. Its just plain rude.

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