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The Benefits of Early Morning Gym

Since Christmas I’ve been working on adjusting my body clock so that I can get up early and head down the gym before work.

Originally I did this to avoid the normal January newbie gym crush but I’ve found all sorts of benefits to working out early in the morning. (For me early in the morning is out of bed at 6 and training by 6.45).

Compared to an evening, even a sunny mid summers evening, the gym is empty. Most people simply lack the commitment, will, and desire to get up a couple of hours earlier and work out before they head to their jobs. But you’re committed to your goals right? Right?

The lack of people in the gym is huge. You can get through your routine quickly and without waiting for any kit. Taking this morning as an example I was able to surround my bench with all the dumbbells I needed for my shoulder workout and simply crack through my supersets. Perfect.

If you search around some people say that you burn more fat in the morning too – maybe this is true but I’m sure any benefit here is dwarfed by that of being able to maintain high intensity through your workout.

Another benefit, for me at least, is that I sleep better. Whenever I train I end up buzzing for 4 or 5 hours afterwards, particularly if I’ve done something like interval training or circuit training. Getting my training in early guarantees that I’ll have a great bouncy morning and when the evening comes round I’m starting to slip into shattered mode and usually fall asleep instantly and deeply.

A downside of exercising shortly after waking up is that your body will be cold and stiffer than later in the day. So make sure you warm up well and stretch properly, add a few minutes of walking and jogging on before you start to push it. Or try what I do – cycle to your gym.

If you’re not used to this kind of routine (and I wasn’t) then the key to pulling it off is preparation. When you get in in the evening make sure your gym bag is cleaned out and prepped for the next day. Make sure that all the bits and pieces you’ll need for breakfast are ready and any food prep you can do the night before get done. Then sit down, not until!

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