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The Aftermath of Food Poisoning

Turns out that my bout of food poisoning took more out of me than I’d thought. I started training again with circuits last Tuesday and made it through that ok but by the end my energy levels had really bombed.

Same for the rest of the week – got through my sessions and even managed to improve on my arm training but never felt right and after legs on Thursday was shaking as I was so tired (and not in that nice “I’ve given it my all” way). There’s been a permanent drained feeling and no sense that I had any power.

So yesterday I decided to try a new tactic – cram in the calories. Made sure I got at least 10% more than my maintenance requirements, and same today. I think its already making a difference – shoulders this evening went a lot better and I actually felt like I had some energy.

I’m going to keep this up for a few days, then drop to my maintenance level, then drop back to my 15% deficit level – still got some body fat to shift 🙂

I’ll end this post with a tip based on my experiences – food poisoning will take more out of you than you may realise, give yourself time to recover properly and make sure you eat plenty as soon as you can.

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