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Kit Review: Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor

I bought myself a Polar RS100 heart rate monitor at the end of January and have been wearing it for most sessions in the weeks since. I mainly bought it out of curiosity: I was intrigued at what my resting heart rate would be, how my heart rate changed during different kinds of exercise and for a rough approximation of how many calories I was burning.

The gadget itself was fairly cheap (I paid about £50 for it from Amazon) and the wrist unit feels pretty cheap! Its got quite an unpleasant plastic-y feel about it and the wrist strap doesn’t give me much confidence that it will last long.

On the other hand it does all that you’d expect of it with a minimum of fuss. Its fairly easy to set up, has a nice big button on the front which you can stab at when moving to mark off laps and by holding one of the side buttons down you can lock the unit so that you can’t accidentally stop and start it or otherwise interfere with it by mistake. It will also beep audible cues at you to help you keep within target heart rates, out the box it will also beep about everything else it does too but thankfully you can turn that off.

Calorie calculation seems reasonable – it was roughly in line with my own and my trainers estimates which I know are fairly accurate as I’ve planned my weight management around them successfully for some time now.

One thing I’ve never got to grips with is the “file” functionality. I gather its supposed to store 1 summary of your training (as well as totals since you last reset it) but after my first couple of outings I don’t seem able to find this summary. User error maybe?

The monitor comes with an excellent quality strap which you fix round your chest – as opposed to the old style plastic straps this one is all fabric and is very comfortable. A handy bonus is that its also compatible with the cardiovascular equipment in my gym at least. It seems to stay in place even when you’re dripping in sweat and trust me I’ve done my best to try this out!

All in all if you want something basic and cheap this monitor is a good buy, just don’t expect the world.

Full disclosure: This heart rate monitor was purchased by the reviewer using his own hard earned cash and I have no affiliation with Polar or any of its competitors (do they even have any?).

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