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I’m not sure what happened at circuit training tonight but some switch seemed to flip in my head and everything had to be done at 100%, pushed all the way. In the words of my favourite Spartan:

No retreat. No surrender.

Particularly strange as I went into the session feeling tired after a long day at work and a poor nights sleep. Now of course I’m totally ready to crash. Can someone fetch me a pillow?

I’m always amazed at how that can happen – you think you’re really going to struggle then you get started and everything just… works. Then other days you feel absolutely top and buzzing and get started only for it all to fall to pieces.

If someone could bottle the secret of an amazing workout they’d be a millionaire.

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Quote Time

A great quote by Alwyn Cosgrove posted on Turbulence Training:

“The most important part is goal setting. You need to really want amazing results and be prepared to do whatever it takes. It’s not that hard to get the results — it’s building that overwhelming desire that counts. Most people think — “Well – this cake won’t hurt me will it?” I get my clients to think, “Will this help me or not? Is this a positive step or not?” Once you get that — you’re a hit.”
Alwyn Cosgrove

Can totally relate to that. Not because I train anybody but because I’ve been through this change. Once you start to see your everyday choices in terms of your goals, fitness or otherwise, then not eating that cake is no longer such a massive effort of will. It becomes what you want to do because you’re seeing the bigger picture.

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Back to It

I’ve finished my five days rest and got back to it this weekend with a couple of weights sessions with my trainer. Damn that felt good!

I was also away with work in the week attending a developer conference which involved lots of learning, lots of sitting on my backside, and lots of restaurant food. All in all your basic fitness nightmare.

One thing I noticed – with not exercising my sleep suffered as I found myself fairly hyper until late, normally I’m nodding off by 22.00 but not a chance last week.

There should be a kit review coming this week of a Trek 7200 hybrid bike. Look out for it!

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Rest Time

First day of a five day break from workouts.

I’ll be climbing the walls by Wednesday!

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TRX Bands

March 11, 2010 2 comments

This week I’ve been introduced to TRX Bands by my trainer, or as I’ve come to call them The Bands of Pain. They’re a bisecting strap that you rig up to a beam and use for performing body weight exercises – and boy do they work.

Two particular exercises have lodged themselves firmly in my mind.

Firstly push ups using the bands and a swiss ball. Place your hands in the straps, your feet on a swiss ball, and perform push ups. Due to the precarious nature of your position you have to work hard to stay stable as well as do the push up.

For the second you hold the bands for stability and perform a single leg squat followed by what I can only describe as a twisting single leg squat. Difficult to describe (hire my trainer!) but I’ve never felt my glutes worked so effectively. Gonna be sore tomorrow!

They’re worth checking out but I’d recommend getting someone who knows how to use them to show you how.

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Quick Quinoa Meal

I’ve found this to be a quick and tasty meal to make, perfect when you’re in a bit of a rush. Its nice cold too. I’m always looking for things I can prepare while making my breakfast that I can take into work for lunch and this fits the bill perfectly. Anyway:

Bring 3/4 pint of water to the boil and add 75g of Quinoa. Simmer until the water is absorbed (normally about 15 minutes) and then add a spoon or two of spicy pesto and some mixed veg (I normally quickly heat some frozen vegetables in the microwave). Just stir and heat for another minute or two and you’re done.

If you’re watching the calories then depending on the amount of veg and pesto you use it should come out at between 300 – 350 kcal. And of course you can always make a smaller portion.

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