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An Insight

It was a gorgeous day here in Bedford (UK) so I decided to run to the gym for my back session and then run home. Felt tired but great on the way home so extended my run and kept going at a steady pace – running by the river and enjoying the sun, scenery and people milling round.

It was a blissfully pleasant experience and as my mind wondered and I reflected back on my fitness journey over the last year or so I was struck by an insight:

Getting fit is the most transformational and worthwhile change you can make in your life.

It might not be a new and novel insight but its one I genuinely believe.

So much flows from being fit and able to use your body as it was designed. For the changes I have made I feel happier, more confident, have more energy, and (strange though it might sound) smarter. And these qualities effect everything key things in your life such as your job and social interactions.

Reading other fitness bloggers on the web its clear I’m not alone in this feeling so if you’re thinking of making a change in your life stop thinking and do it! Right now!

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