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I’ve been incredibly motivated about my training during 2010 – I think mainly because I’m really feeling the effects of increased fitness in my everyday life and, frankly, cough, because I think I’m starting to look quite good and thats feeding my vanity!

The sun coming out has really highlighted the difference from a year ago for me – as I said yesterday I was able to extend and actually take pleasure from a run in order to enjoy the sun and, having no wobbly belly to cover up and some actual muscles to show, I was more than happy to run in my gym vest and shorts.

I’m also, as you may have gathered by now, something of a geek. I love reading about science and like to know how and why things work (or not as the case may be).

That being the case I’ve decided to learn a bit more about whats going on when I exercise and have ordered a couple of books from Amazon:

The Concise Book of Muscles

The Anatomy of Stretching

I’ve picked these up largely based on the product descriptions and Internet reviews but hopefully they will make for a good start. I should probably have asked my trainer for some recommendations but that only just dawned on my while writing this blog post. Whoops.

Expect a couple of reviews once I’ve had the opportunity to digest them.

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