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Kit Review: The Concise Book of Muscles

As I’ve got stronger and fitter I’ve found that I can better feel the distinct muscles in my body as I workout. Plus with less body fat I can see them too 🙂

Thats led to me becoming more interested in how everything fits together and what things are called and so I picked myself up a copy of The Concise Book of Muscles from Amazon.

The book starts with an introduction to some of the terminology used when describing muscles and their purpose (abduction, pronation, protraction etc.). After this there are a set of colour coded sections containing muscles grouped by area:

Face head and neck
Shoulder and upper arm
Forearm and hand
Hip and thigh
Leg and foot

Each muscle is clearly shown on the skeleton and the text covers how the muscle attaches, how it moves, and likely causes of injury.

As someone who knew next to nothing about this beyond the names of the larger muscles its amazing just how many muscles there are in your body. The shoulder is particularly interesting: its very complex so I’m not surprised so many people suffer from shoulder injuries.

But back to the subject at hand – the whole book is in full colour and very well presented.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your body is put together then I can certainly recommend this as a good starting point.

Full disclosure: I bought this book myself and the links in the article earn me nothing, not even a penny, if you click them.

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