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New Fitness Goal

So its been quiet round here as I’ve been crazy busy on a couple of software projects and have prioritised training at the gym over blogging. I know I know: excuses excuses (and it doesn’t seem to have stopped me tweeting incessantly), but a gentleman only has so many hours in the day.

My general training has been going well and I’ve made measurable improvements in strength and flexibility, particularly in my core and legs. Overall fitness is definitely up too which I can really notice in the circuit training class I attend.

But all that said I’ve not really made any recent improvements that satisfy my vanity (though buying 30″ jeans was rather pleasant!) and so I’ve decided to commit to a new very specific goal.

My body fat has been hovering around the 15% level for a long time (based on a Tanita scale measurement). In a mirror check I think I’m actually a little less than this but the exact number isn’t that important. My new goal is to lower this to 10% and to have made noticeable gains in leanness in 5 weeks time. As well as for vanity I also want to prove to myself that I can do this.

As well as the scales measurement I’m going to take a before and after photograph so I’ve got a visual record. Personally I prefer the mirror check to the scales anyway – the number on the scales doesn’t really bother me as long as I feel happy with what I see in the mirror 🙂

Why blog about this?

Accountability. The more people I tell the bigger the embarassment of failure.

I’ve also got my trainer for regular help and accountability, we discussed this during tonights session. She’s helped to get me from 100kg or so down to 77kg, improved my health and mobility, and got me doing things a year or so I would have thought impossible so with her help and my own willpower and effort (I think I’m pretty good at busting my gut in the gym) I’m confident I can do this and feel well up for the challenge.

So here’s to a new leaner me!

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