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Low Carbing

To help in my leanness goal I’ve switched round my diet a bit – going low carb for the first time and thought I’d give some feedback on how its going.

For the moment I’m eating around 2700 calories a day (which is about a 18% reduction from my 3300 maintenance target) and very roughly as there are slight variations about a 150g of that is coming from carbs, 250g from protein and 110g from fats. I eat most of my carbs in the morning and immediately after training. I’m going to keep an eye on my weight and shift the calorie goal depending on progress.

Looking at the above some may say thats not a low carb diet – about 22% of my calories are coming from carbohydrates but I’m not a big fan of taking things to extremes when it comes to diet, as opposed to the 35% I’ve been running at normally. I also want to ensure I’ve got enough fuel to support aggressive training. Again depending on how things go I may increase or decrease this percentage.

I’ve been eating this way for 5 days now (this is my 6th). For the first 3 days I felt a little run down and low on energy but that seems to be passing as my body adapts. The hardest thing so far has been giving up my evening snack of porridge which I’ve replaced with a mug of warm milk.

The other big difference I’m noticing is that I’m sleeping like a log, and I’m someone who usually has sleep problems. For the last 4 nights its been head hit the pillow and then get woken up by the alarm. Can’t remember the last time I’ve managed such a consistently good few nights of sleep.

So weight and leanness wise hows it going?

I weighed myself this morning and had lost 2.1kg (4.4lbs). Initially I was a little alarmed by this but then I realised that I’ve started this low carb diet off the back of a weekend drinking and unhealthy eating (I was at the Womad music festival and behaved rather indulgently) so figure most of that is diminished water retention and I gather that a big dip is the norm in the first week or two on a low carb eating plan (water and glycogen storage).

With a visual inspection I would say I’ve lost the weight I gained over the last weekend and perhaps a little more. Again that could be water retention.

Today I just hopped on the scales out of curiosity but I’m doing weekly weigh ins and thats due on Tuesday. The following week I’m expecting to be a more realistic indication of sustainable change. I’m also measuring body fat using Tanita scales but these damn things are so unreliable and there is so much variance even at the same time of day that I take little notice of the numbers it gives me and am relying more on eyeballs.

As well as shifting the diet I’ve also added interval training back into my workouts. I’d dropped this in the last few months and focussed purely on weights but am now doing this 3 times per week after my weights session.

Update: I adjusted the figures above as I’d given the wrong ones!

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