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Fitness Goal Update

Yup, its that time again, narcissistic fitness update Tuesday!

Last week as you may recall was a little disappointing as I made no measurable gains in body fat and weight despite busting my ass on both diet and gym.

This weeks has been better, not spectacular, but back on track. Though I must admit I was a little concerned after last week so took a sneaky mid week measurement which also showed little progress. As a result I made a couple of changes: decreased my fat intake and upped my protein intake and left both carbohydrate levels and my gym routine the same. Since then I’ve made the gains – maybe its the tweaks, maybe its just the natural flow of peaks and troughs. Concrete figures – I’ve lost around 1 lb in weight and around 0.5% in body fat (but as I’ve said before I always treat impedance based body fat measurements with extreme scepticism). I estimate that leaves me about 3% to lose to hit my goal.

On a fitness note adding the HIIT back into my training mix is really paying off for me – I went to a circuit training class tonight and was definitely able to maintain a higher pace for longer through exercises such as bunny hops and I’ve had to introduce a gradient and more speed into my interval programme to keep it at the puke-tastic level.

Its all good!

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