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Crazy Obsessive Gym Habits

In home life I am a little untidy and scattered. Looking round my front room right now there are a few stacks of books, a laptop, an iPad, a pile of gym clothes on a corner chair (they never seem to make it much further than the washing machine and gym!) and stack of DVDs, a pair of walking boots and a tent!

But when it comes to the gym I’ve noticed I’ve got a long list of odd rituals that must be observed.

1) The TRX branding on my TRX bands must always be face out.

2) The TRX band’s clips and lines must always be exactly equal and mirrored and the bands untwisted.

3) When doing any standing upper body exercise I always begin by doing this odd foot “shuffle” to make sure my stance is just so.

4) If there are any lines on the floor (tile lines etc.) where I am working out then my feet must always be parallel or perpendicular to the lines and my toes on a line.

5) If there is a mirror then I must be face on to it or exactly parallel to it.

6) If I use a bench then it needs to be placed parallel or perpendicular to the walls, and preferably to other benches.

7) If I’m working out on my own then my dumbbells must be lined up in order of increasing weight and in a neat triangular pattern.

8 ) I’ve got to be wearing matching brand shorts and top. To that end I nearly always buy Adidas then I can’t get confused!

9) While cooling down and stretching I MUST have my protein / carb shake WHILE I am doing it. After will not do. Chocolate orange flavour.

10) I get very very VERY annoyed if I miss a session. I mean really annoyed. Irrationally so!

I really do seem to have this odd thing about parallel and perpendicular lines. Hmmm.

Although a little obsessive I do think that having a certain amount of rigidity about these things is a good thing – having a routine like this helps keep me safe.

Thats the excuse I’m sticking to anyway.

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  1. Kasia
    August 30, 2010 at 7:56 am

    Welcome to my world. I thought that I’m odd.

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