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Back Again, Cycling Around, London to Paris

Been a while since I posted. If I still have any regular readers: I apologise! It turns out I have only so much to say about lifting things up and putting them back down. I love it but its not something I can talk about day in day out.

Although I’ve been remiss with my blogging I have stuck with my training. Still hard at it and, if you’ll indulge the personal success story, In the last year I’ve put on about a stone of lean muscle which I’m incredibly pleased with. With this amount of body fat I was just under 13 stone last year, now I’ve just over 14 stone.

I put in the hard work but under the guidance of my personal trainer who now has her own studio K Klass Fitness.

I recently completed a London to Paris bike ride for the Big Issue and in the process discovered I rather like cycling. I did that on my “commuter”, a hybrid bike that I use as my daily transport. Heavy. Its got a pannier rack. Its not really a nippy little number.

However since getting back I’ve bought a Specialized Roubaix road bike (yeah I know – I really should have bought it before cycling 230 miles to Paris!) and a Garmin Edge 800 GPS computer to track and follow my routes.

I’ll post the routes on this blog for posterity. And when I get my new phone (my iPhone 4’s camera died when it suffered a serious and prolonged soaking in a pool of water) I might even take pictures.

For starters here is the route I followed to get from London to Paris. Well to be precise its the route my friend David followed as I didn’t have a GPS at the time. He was in a different group to me but we all went the same way. And here’s everyone at the Eiffel Tower. I’m back row, fourth from right.

London to Paris Finish Line

It was a great trip, a lot of fun, and superbly organised. They run it every year so if you need a reason to get into cycling go for it.

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