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Bedford to Hardwick

August 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Another 60 miler today. A circular route from Bedford out to Hardwick just outside of Cambridge.

First half of the run was particularly pleasant with some gorgeous country lanes but the second half had some slightly tedious long straights with not a lot to see, and the sun was burning down by then which made for hard going.

All in all a pleasant day out, topped off with a nice Ice Cream and some music in the bandstand down on The Embankment in Bedford.

The route I took can be downloaded here.

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Pre Work Burn

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Took an early morning short cycle (about 21 miles) around one of my favourite areas in Bedford: Old Warden.

Felt energised and refreshed by the time I got into the office despite the early start. My speed is definitely improving too.

GPX file for the route can be found here.

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Back Again, Cycling Around, London to Paris

August 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Been a while since I posted. If I still have any regular readers: I apologise! It turns out I have only so much to say about lifting things up and putting them back down. I love it but its not something I can talk about day in day out.

Although I’ve been remiss with my blogging I have stuck with my training. Still hard at it and, if you’ll indulge the personal success story, In the last year I’ve put on about a stone of lean muscle which I’m incredibly pleased with. With this amount of body fat I was just under 13 stone last year, now I’ve just over 14 stone.

I put in the hard work but under the guidance of my personal trainer who now has her own studio K Klass Fitness.

I recently completed a London to Paris bike ride for the Big Issue and in the process discovered I rather like cycling. I did that on my “commuter”, a hybrid bike that I use as my daily transport. Heavy. Its got a pannier rack. Its not really a nippy little number.

However since getting back I’ve bought a Specialized Roubaix road bike (yeah I know – I really should have bought it before cycling 230 miles to Paris!) and a Garmin Edge 800 GPS computer to track and follow my routes.

I’ll post the routes on this blog for posterity. And when I get my new phone (my iPhone 4’s camera died when it suffered a serious and prolonged soaking in a pool of water) I might even take pictures.

For starters here is the route I followed to get from London to Paris. Well to be precise its the route my friend David followed as I didn’t have a GPS at the time. He was in a different group to me but we all went the same way. And here’s everyone at the Eiffel Tower. I’m back row, fourth from right.

London to Paris Finish Line

It was a great trip, a lot of fun, and superbly organised. They run it every year so if you need a reason to get into cycling go for it.

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Double TRX Fly

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Tonight I was introduced to yet another diabolical form of rope torture – the Double TRX Fly. The best video I could find on You Tube also included pike and abduction as part of the same exercise but you get the idea:

This was supersetted with dumbbell chest press with rotation.


ps. apologies for the slowness round here this month but as well as my day job and gym sessions I’ve been involved on a product launch on the iPad, so its been work work work!

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Calorie Deficit, Calorie Surplus

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve spent most of the last 18 months training in a calorie deficit (eating less than required for maintenance) as I worked on losing weight.

I’m happy to be able to say that that mission has been successfully accomplished and now I’ve moved on to trying to pack on some lean weight: muscle.

As well as changing how I’m training and building in some more rest I’ve moved into a calorie surplus (eating more than is required for maintenance) and whats amazed me about this is how much more energy and power I have when training and how quickly my strength is improving. Its, literally, a whole different world to training while on a weight loss diet.

Though I must admit its been tough to get my head around the scales going up after 18 months of them going down.

Fun and interesting times!

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More Double TRX

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve said before how great double TRX exercises are for core work. They make me feel it like nothing else I’ve yet come across (I say yet as there seems to be no end of ways my trainer can find to make things harder) so here’s another good one: pike, hip abduction and crunch as demonstrated by my trainer Kasia:

Trust me – by the third set you’ll be feeling it.

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Crazy Obsessive Gym Habits

August 24, 2010 1 comment

In home life I am a little untidy and scattered. Looking round my front room right now there are a few stacks of books, a laptop, an iPad, a pile of gym clothes on a corner chair (they never seem to make it much further than the washing machine and gym!) and stack of DVDs, a pair of walking boots and a tent!

But when it comes to the gym I’ve noticed I’ve got a long list of odd rituals that must be observed.

1) The TRX branding on my TRX bands must always be face out.

2) The TRX band’s clips and lines must always be exactly equal and mirrored and the bands untwisted.

3) When doing any standing upper body exercise I always begin by doing this odd foot “shuffle” to make sure my stance is just so.

4) If there are any lines on the floor (tile lines etc.) where I am working out then my feet must always be parallel or perpendicular to the lines and my toes on a line.

5) If there is a mirror then I must be face on to it or exactly parallel to it.

6) If I use a bench then it needs to be placed parallel or perpendicular to the walls, and preferably to other benches.

7) If I’m working out on my own then my dumbbells must be lined up in order of increasing weight and in a neat triangular pattern.

8 ) I’ve got to be wearing matching brand shorts and top. To that end I nearly always buy Adidas then I can’t get confused!

9) While cooling down and stretching I MUST have my protein / carb shake WHILE I am doing it. After will not do. Chocolate orange flavour.

10) I get very very VERY annoyed if I miss a session. I mean really annoyed. Irrationally so!

I really do seem to have this odd thing about parallel and perpendicular lines. Hmmm.

Although a little obsessive I do think that having a certain amount of rigidity about these things is a good thing – having a routine like this helps keep me safe.

Thats the excuse I’m sticking to anyway.

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